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2024 Practice Times

Starting April 1st:

​Monday through Thursday

Starting May 29th:

​Monday through Friday

  • 13-18: 6:00-7:30AM

  • 6 and Under: 7:30-8:00AM

  • 7-8: 8:00-8:45AM

  • 9-10: 8:45-9:45AM

  • 11-12: 9:45-10:45AM

Who are the Swordfish?

Sabino Vista Hills Swim Team is a fun, competitive, recreational summer swim team in northeast Tucson, AZ. We have 44 years of experience coaching youth in competitive swimming, which we believe provides them with opportunities to increase their fitness and health, create great core memories, make new friends, and learn the crucial life skills that they need to succeed.

A member of the Southern Arizona Aquatics Association (SAAA), SVH practices weekdays from April until early July (practices are held in the evenings until school is out, then in the mornings), participates in two competitive swim meets per week (Tuesday and Thursday evening) throughout June, SAAA Invitational Meets, and then ends the season with an all-league championship meet in early July.

Our swimmers range in age from four to 18 years old, and are broken down by age group: (6 and Under, 8 and Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18).  Swimming is a great way to introduce kids to competitive sport and our team is about more than swimming, with a program that encourages our swimmers to learn crucial skills for life such as dedication, self-reliance, doing something the right way (instead of the easy way, even if nobody is watching), good sportsmanship, self confidence, respect towards themselves and others, and provides a fun way to be active in the summer and socialize with old and new friends. 


Head Coach Chris Harrison has fifty years of experience coaching swim (and other youth sports) and teaching youth.  Throughout his coaching journey, he has perfected a swim program that emphasizes good stroke/form first, and strength second.  He also excels in creating a rapport with his swimmers, both young and old, that brings out the best in them as athletes and future leaders in their field of work and community.  The result of his hard work is a team of 100+ swimmers who regularly have placed at the top of their league in the Southern Arizona Aquatic Association, with many Swordfish going on to higher levels of competition in High School (AIA), the NCAA, and USA Swimming.  This doesn't mean the team is focused only on swimming fast times, however.  Coach Chris emphasizes a team environment where everyone is welcome regardless of how fast their times are, where being supportive of each other, demonstrating respect to officials and coaches (and each other), fair play, and good sportsmanship is absolutely required to participate.  

Most importantly, Sabino Vista Hills Swim Team provides a fun social environment outside of the pool for our swimmers and their families with team visits to the Gaslight Theater, Golf 'N' Stuff (for the littles), movie night, and chaperoned events for the older swimmers.  Parents are encouraged to socialize on the deck during and after meets, and there are plenty of opportunities for even the adults to create new friendships and social groups.

SVH isn't just a summer swim team, it's a great place for everyone in your family to have an amazing summer!

Sound like fun?  Swimmers do not need to be proficient in competitive strokes, but must be able to complete a basic swim assessment to show that they're safe in the water.  Feel free to browse the various pages on our web site, and Contact us today for more details!

"I'm a swordfish born, I'm a swordfish bred, and when I die I'm a swordfish dead..."

Join us this year to learn the rest of our (in)famous, bloody fight song and start your child's swimming journey!

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