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Dual Meets at Sabino Vista Hills

The Swordfish welcome you to the Sabino Vista Hills Pool!

Start Times

  • 3:45p: Pool deck opens (deck will be cleared of chairs during setup).

  • 5:00 - 5:30p: SVH warm-up

  • 5:30 - 6:00p: Visiting Team warm-up

  • 5:45p: Timers Meeting, all volunteers should be checked in

  • 6:00p: Introduction and National Anthem

  • 6:05p: First heat starts.

Swimmer and Parent Responsibilities

  • During swim meets, each swimmer is expected to be ready to swim when his or her heat is called.

  • Parents are expected to treat all swimmers, other parents, volunteers, officials, and coaches with respect at all times.  Disruptive parents may be asked to leave the facility and may be barred from attending future events.

  • Parents are required to follow instructions given by Meet Directors and Officials.  Refusing to comply may result in the parent being asked to leave the facility.

  • Pool chairs placed at the north pool edge or on the east, south, and west sides of the pool, are reserved for use by meet officials.  Please do not move or occupy those chairs.

  • Parents or swimmers with questions about disqualifications or other rules should discuss them with their team's coaches - The Referee will only discuss rulings with team coaches.

  • Cameras and cell phones (with the exception of designated SVH meet photographers) are not permitted on the east and west ends of the pool behind the starting areas.

  • No alcohol is allowed inside the swim facility at any time during the meet.

  • Only meet officials, timers, and coaches are allowed on the east, south, and west ends of the pool.  Absolutely NO parents are permitted in this area of the pool deck during the swim meet.

  • Please ensure adequate room along the north and south edges of the pool for the Stroke and Turn Judge to walk without being impeded.

  • The children's wading pool is closed during the event.

  • The hot tub (spa) is closed during the event.

  • The diving well (the deep area on the northeast corner of the pool) is closed to all swimmers during the event.  No swimmers are permitted in the water in that area.

Pool Configuration

  • 6 lane pool configuration

  • Pool length is 25 meters

  • Except where required to fill in empty lanes in heats other than heat 1, lanes 1, 2, and 3 are utilized for the visiting team, lanes 4, 5, and 6 will be utilized by SVH.

  • Starting Blocks are on the east (deep) end of the pool.

  • "Fly over" starts may be used at this meet.  

  • 8 & Under swimmers will start from the blocks at the deep end of the pool.  They may choose to dive off of the blocks or the side of the pool at their coach's discretion (and in compliance with any applicable SAAA rules).

  • Swimmers of the second and fourth legs of the 8 & under relays will start in the pool at the shallow (west) end.  There will be no diving in the shallow end.

Timing / Meet Flow

  • SVH reserves the right to consolidate heats as needed other than Heat 1 (the only heat which is scored).  Coaches will be notified with an updated meet program prior to the start of the meet.

  • SVH reserves the right to combine events as needed.  Coaches will be notified of combined events prior to meet start.  The Starter will announce combined events before starting the swimmers.

Referee and Coaches

  • Meet Referee: The Meet Referee will be chosen by the Meet Directors prior to the meet, based on available trained parent volunteers.  The meet referee's name will be provided to the visiting team's coaches on request at the Meet Director's table (located on the northeast corner of the pool).

  • SVH believes that DQs (disqualifications for illegal stroke technique) are an important educational tool to help swimmers to improve.  The best place to learn and correct mistakes is at practice and at dual meets.  Good officiating at dual meets prepares swimmers for success at Invitationals, Championships, and beyond!

  • SVH's head coach is Chris Harrison.


  • Ribbons will be awarded to all swimmers who have not been disqualified based on their placement in their heat. 

  • SVH swimmers may collect their ribbons at the next practice from the ribbons box, which will be placed on a picnic table on the north side of the pool.

  • Visiting coaches may bring a container to collect their team's ribbons.  The container should be delivered to the ribbons table before the meet, which is located at the southwest corner of the pool.

  • Barring a significant technical problem, ribbons will be available for the visiting coach to pick up shortly after the completion of the meet. 

Team Seating

  • The area between the grass and the wall enclosing the pool filtering equipment on the western end of the pool area, under and around the smaller tan fabric covered ramada, is designated for visiting swimmers.  Visiting parents can also sit in this area, or they may set up their chairs with the SVH parents under the large tan fabric covered ramada or by the diving well.   

  • The grassy area on the northwest corner of the pool area is designated for SVH swimmers only.

  • Feel free to bring tents, blankets and chairs to make yourselves comfortable.

  • A cleared area will be maintained for SVH and visiting parents to watch their swimmers during their heat between the front supports of the large, tan fabric covered ramada and the pool edge.  There are to be no chairs in this area.  Please keep back from the pool edge at least two feet to ensure the Officials are able to walk unimpeded.

Snack Bar

  • The SVH Snack Bar, called "The Grill on the Hill", will offer dinner and snack items. The grill is located inside the doors to the right of the pool entrance.

  • Hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta and green salads, and an assortment of water, soft drinks, candy, and other snacks are available for purchase.

  • We accept credit cards only.


  • The dedicated parking lot for the pool is very small, overflow parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood.

  • There is NO PARKING on the edges of the street where it is divided by a median (Larrea Ln. south of the main pool parking lot entrance).  Please park to the north and east of the pool.

  • We ask that everyone be careful not to block driveways or mailboxes and avoid parking in coned off areas.

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