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Thank you for your interest in Sabino Vista Hills Swim Team!  Practices are underway and registration for the 2024 season has ended.  Please Contact Us if you'd like to be kept up to date for the 2025 swim season - more information will be available in January, 2025.

Read below for information on our registration process.

New Swimmer Assessments

All swimmers who are new to the team will need to complete a swimmer assessment which is designed to ensure your swimmer is safe in the water.  New swimmers do not have to be proficient in competitive strokes, but must be able to swim safely on their stomach and on their back for a short distance, and must be capable of listening to, and following Coach's instructions with minimal repetition or intervention.  Swimmers who do not pass the assessment may consider a spot in our Guppies program to get them ready to try again next year.


Returning Families

Families who are returning to Sabino Vista Hills swim team will register online in early March.  Early Bird pricing is usually offered, which provides an incentive for families who do not wait until the last minute to complete their registration.

An in-person kick-off meeting is usually held in early March, allowing families to reconnect after the winter months and to hear about plans for the upcoming season from Coaches and Team Leadership.


Guppies Group Lessons

Guppies is a group swim lesson program for younger pre-swim team swimmers who would like to get more comfortable in the water with a focus on learning some basic stroke techniques.  All ages are accepted so long as they are water-safe.

If you are interested (or know anyone who is) in having your little swimmer take group swim lessons with the "Guppies," the lessons typically start in June and will be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 to 11:30am.

Program costs and a sign-up form will be provided in mid-May.

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