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Registration Checklist

Am I Ready to Register?

Please make sure the following checklist is complete before you proceed below:

  1. One of the following is true:

    • Your registration will only be for swimmers returning to SVH; OR

    • You have completed the swim assessment for any new swimmers in your family and they have been invited to the team or have been put in on a trial basis.

  2. You're sure that you would like to be on the team this year!  While there is a refund policy, once we submit the swimmer to the SAAA, there are costs that are non-refundable.

  3. You've downloaded the 2024 SAAA Waiver Form, filled it out for each swimmer, signed, and scanned it.  Important: Please don't forget to note any health issues your swimmer has on the form.

  4. If your swimmer is new to the team, you have supplied a copy of your swimmer's birth certificate to the team.

If all of this is complete, you're ready to register!  Please follow the instructions in the blue box.

2024 Online Registration / Waiver Forms

Returning Families / Post Assessment New Swimmers:

If you're a returning family and do not have a new swimmer who needs an assessment, or your swimmer has passed their assessment and has been invited to join the team, please follow these steps:

  1. (For New Swimmers) Make a copy of your swimmer's birth certificate and provide it to the team president, vice president, or admin.

  2. Download and fill out the 2024 SAAA Waiver Form, complete the second page if your swimmer has allergies or medical concerns - you'll need one filled out copy for each swimmer.  Scan and save it so that you can attach it to your online registration (Adobe's "Fill and Sign" feature is ok to use - please use the "sign" feature for your signature).

  3. Visit the Meet Jobs Page, review the jobs, and decide on your three preferred and two least preferred jobs (do not put Referee, Starter, or Stroke and Turn Judge on your least preferred).

  4. Fill out the Online Registration Form.

  5. Go to the SVH Swim Online Store to pay for your swimmers and order any extra t-shirts or sweatshirts for your family (swimmers on trial should wait to complete this step until their trial is complete and they have been invited to the team).

The above five steps must be completed before your swimmer can attend practices.

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